Solar Energy for your





Zero Stress Installation

Single point of contact during design, on-site work, and net-metering

NVICO designs multiple system options for you.

Based on your selection, NVICO creates a final system design.

NVICO provides detailed guidance to help you make this choice.


Encompassing delivery, construction and commissioning of your solar installation.


Your presence is needed only during this installation phase.


Systems of less than 20kW are typically completed within 7 days.


Net Metering (NM) allows you to seamlessly push electricity from your solar energy system into the main power grid. As a result, you get the benefits of near-zero bills and a low carbon footprint.

To get a NM connection, technical approval and an updated (bi-directional) meter is needed from your local electricity office.

Don’t worry, NVICO takes care of this from start to finish!

NVICO is an innovation & energy technology firm that uses a human-centred, energy-based approach to help organizations in the business, government...
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