NVICO was founded in 2016 to commercialize in engineering technology consulting, providing business technology solutions and serving in information technology by an energetic alumni team from PSG College of Technology, Anna University, National Institute of Technology, and Indian Institute of Technology. We believe that we can integrate the engineering process by optimizing energy usage through technology products, to improve our economy efficiently through it. We focus on collaborating energy technology innovation in every aspect of engineering products and their applications. We believe in energy impacts and economic factors in creating a greener and healthier environment. Our mission is to create a healthier environment and efficient economy through energy technology.


Building passionate team to

deliver a outstanding customer


Maintaining a committed focus

to scope projects well and deliver in timely manner.

Inspiring colleagues and customers by designing innovative solutions to complex technology problems.

Achieve industry-leading revenue growth by winning more projects from existing customers, while earning the trust of new customers.


Drive profitability by designing efficient business processes that delivers superior result with minimum wastage.



Inspiring energy at NVICO is in full swing.More and more customers are taking control in generating or conserving energy.The traditional economy is disappearing gradually in every market.One moment a consumer or company is playing the role of customer, and the next moment the role as producer or supplier.

NVICO task is to be the connecting link between those different roles.


So that we not only work together, we also work in conjunction with each other.

We share knowledge, look for synergy and support each other.

With entrepreneurs, strategic partners and experts, we are looking for the added values that will enable NVICO to “Spread Energy, Save Environment & Secure Economy”







Identified a way to optimize energy use

in Tender Coconut chain can be influence


Realization of market gap in Energy Technology Products/Services


Identified and started researching on energy use efficiency of the Agro-food chain sector


Started developing a product which can improve energy efficiency in Tender Coconut food chain and ease of use in consuming raw tender coconut


Identified the market gap in hiring expert professionals in creative industry


Published two books on Green Building and Solar Assessment Guidance

Inspire Energy

NVICO is an innovation & energy technology firm that uses a human-centred, energy-based approach to help organizations in the business, government...
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